An Emmaus Meal

For busy people, here is a sharing of bread and wine after engaging with the Bible together, to remember Jesus, to encounter the risen Jesus, and to help transition towards the many ways of celebrating the breaking of bread, the Holy Communion, the Eucharist, the Mass, that churches have developed over the centuries. 

Are we at peace with each other in Jesus the Messiah? 

Who speaks these words, or who presides at our Emmaus Meal? One of us should be our ‘Curator’, not somebody imported from outside. Who should be allowed to participate? Anybody who wants to be a disciple of Jesus.
After a time of reflection and perhaps silent prayer for the person/people in the group we struggle with, we say together after the prompting of the Curator:

We are: may this be to us his body and blood;

By this point we will have decided what we are going to share as bread and wine.  So we have a time of reflection, and think about the cross, and what Jesus has done for us. We give thanks for the Good News of Jesus. We are in the company of all those in time and space who are worshiping the Lamb of God. Somebody might say something, or this time can be a time of silence.
We then eat and drink together, and then say together, at the prompting of the Curator:

Christ has died Christ is risen Christ will come again:

We listen to what Jesus may be saying to us. We turn our thoughts to the future. We may want to ask Jesus for help or encouragement or wisdom, or strength to resist evil. We want him to be more real to us on our own journey. We may receive restored shalom, remission from sickness or depression, hope for the future, restored relationships, joy and peace. We ask for an increased concern for the wellbeing of those we pray for, family, friends, those in the church, those we like, those we do not, and those who can’t stand us.
Finally, we say together at the prompting of the Curator:

Jesus is alive and gives us his shalom: what is he asking of us?

The Curator can invite people to contribute answers: there may be nothing, or nothing anybody wants to share, but there may be something that is helpful. The Curator can pray in closing, or lead with the Lord’s Prayer, the Grace, or the Peace. So we go back to our work, strengthened and equipped.