We are a Fresh Expression of Church for young adult followers of Jesus who struggle with traditional ways of ‘doing church’

and also for those who want to find out about Jesus

Are you willing to take a leap out of your comfort zone?

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Five Ways

The New Economics Foundation with government funding identified Five Ways to Wellbeing.

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Core Community

Good Relationships are at the heart of Good Community.

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Bible, Sacraments and the Holy Spirit powered the early followers of Jesus.

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The Five Ways to Wellbeing

Be Active, Keep Learning, Connect, Take Notice, Give – these, according to Government Research are the Five Ways to Wellbeing. So Physical and Mental Health – but what about Spiritual Health?

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Building Relationships

Wellbeing Church is about building relationships as we keep fit, learn new things, connect with interesting people, take notice of our culture and environment, and give time and energy to those who need help.

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The Invisible Church

Research shows that there are now more people in the UK who have left church, than those who remain. Yet many of these people who have left have not lost their faith in Jesus, they just cannot find a way of doing church that helps them on their life journey. If that sounds like you, Wellbeing Church may be a way that helps you to be a disciple of Jesus with others?

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