Throughout history, it has often been the case that a small group of Christians, working and praying together to serve their community and share Jesus, have had an impact out of all proportion.

Today there is renewed interest in New Monastic or Ecclesial Communities, but for those who live busy stressful lives it is hard to make time when there are so many pressures and competing priorities.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has set up in Lambeth Palace a Community of young people who have agreed to live together, serve, pray and worship together for a period of two years. This is the Community of St Anselm.

But is it possible that new technology can make it credible for people to work as a praying community without actually living in the same building?

At the heart of Wellbeing Church is a community of people from different churches in our Town, who have committed for two years to find new ways to reach new people. It started as a response to the problem of families with older children for whom Sunday morning sport is a challenge to attending church. So the original ‘Sports Ministry’ research has morphed into ‘Sports Monastery’ but with a wider remit than just sport.

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