We want to help busy, time-poor, stressed out people be effective Followers and Disciples of Jesus.

A sensible starting point is the four biographies of Jesus we find in the New Testament section of the Bible. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote accounts of what Jesus said and did, and what happened to him.

We started by putting the whole of Matthew’s account into an Excel spreadsheet to see what he talked about most. It was not sex: hypocrisy came much higher than sex, and near the top of the list. We are adding some InfoGraphics to the first edition of the Summary of Jesus’ teaching we have called Jesus as Known by his Friend Matthew and hope to have this available for distribution shortly. Then we hope to move on to the other three accounts.

But knowing what Jesus said is not enough: he told his followers to ‘hear and do’ what he taught, but for busy people it is difficult to keep focused.

So we are producing some Studies for Group Discussion, asking for simple Summaries (in 280 characters?) of how we live as Followers of Jesus, how we become Followers of Jesus, and how we remember him, as he asked us to do. The Emmaus Meal is a simple way to connect with the Risen Jesus.

Watch this space for details as we publish them.

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