Life’s a journey, and Paul, an early Christian leader, also described it as a race, like a marathon. In any marathon people go at different speeds, the achievement for most people is simply to finish.

So in different seasons of their lives, people will want (or be called to do) different things. Some at the beginning of their Discipleship marathon will be full of zeal, while others nearer the end will have counter-balancing wisdom. We surely have to cater as far as we can for everybody, but how do we hold everyone together in the sort of unity that Jesus wanted his followers to have?

Jesus went to festivals in Jerusalem. It is probable at that time that there were three Pilgrim Festivals (Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles) and John 10 says Jesus also went to Hanukkah. The rest of the time he was going around Synagogues, Parties, and houses of ill repute.

Perhaps this is a model: whatever our differences and wherever we go the rest of time, at Christmas, Easter, Pentecost and Harvest, we all join together.

Many Followers of Jesus look back at how they began their journey, and often it was through a Club and Camp model. If it takes 50 hours to build a relationship with somebody that enables you to share things that are important to you, then meeting once a month will take forever. However, going away for a golfing weekend or a week’s skiing, hiking or sailing gives you much of what you need.

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