The Full Version of the Rule of Life of the Community of St Anselm is available on their website.

We suggest the following Summary key points from the Rule of Life for a Virtual New Monastic Community of busy people, meeting together by Video Conference every week to pray, plan and encourage each other in following Jesus and sharing his new life with those among whom we live:

  1. Learning from Jesus: Jesus is our model for life
  2. Desire and Choice: We choose to work together and support each other for two years
  3. Being set apart: For two years we will set some time aside each week to work together to bring more people in our town to Jesus
  4. Sanctification: We welcome the work of the Holy Spirit within us
  5. Sacrifice: We use our freedom to restrict our choices
  6. Trust: We want to be trustworthy
  7. Community Discipline: We want to be humble
  8. Reconciliation: As we forgive and reflect, we recognise our own failures
  9. Unity: We want to model the unity of Christians
  10. Worship: We will worship in spirit and in truth, in the name of Jesus
  11. Prayer: We will pray with boldness and simplicity
  12. Silence: We will make space each day to listen in silence
  13. Study: We will study the Scriptures with all our heart, mind, spirit
  14. Serving with Compassion: We will pray and work for the wellbeing of our community, and the coming of the Kingdom of God in our Town
  15. A Journey of Descents: We choose the way of the cross in the power of the resurrection
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