Seven is the number of perfection, three is the number for many good things, although not for marriage. Five is a good compromise number, and increasingly things come in fives.

We know we should eat Five portions of Fruit and Veg a day.

The Royal Canadian Airforce produced an excellent programme called 5BX that enables you to keep fit by exercising for only 11 minutes every day, using Five exercises and running on the spot.

Now the New Economics Foundation, on the basis of government funded research, has proposed Five Ways to Wellbeing.

Increasingly, this is being promoted by the NHS and Mental Health Trusts and Charities. This is good for Physical and Mental Health, but what abut Spiritual Health?

Wellbeing Church is for those who would like to find out more about Jesus of Nazareth, whose story is in the Bible, who is mentioned in the Koran, and is believed by his followers to be the person promised by the Creator to the Jewish people as their Messiah, the Christ, the one who would bring shalom, wholeness, wellbeing for body, mind and spirit, to all those who believe in him and follow him.

Wellbeing Church is also for those who already believe that Jesus is worth following, but cannot find a way of doing ‘church’ that helps them on their journey of faith and discipleship.

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